In May 2017 we launched Expedition Mission, a non-profit organisation that aims to host an annual expedition to raise funds and awareness for charity.

In 2017, we kicked off with Desert MAN Can and chose beyondblue as the charity to support.

Desert MAN Can is a mission for two cyclists to cross the Simpson Desert on mountain bikes via the French Line. The mission will start in Wacol at the end of July and will be supported by 4 x MAN trucks converted into SLRV Expedition Vehicles. They will leave in convoy together with a film crew made up of students from JMC Academy who will be capturing the entire trip and producing a documentary to release later on in the year.

The team here at Expedition Mission are passionate about supporting other charitable organisations; believing we should all be there for each other and that there's enough out there for everyone.

Expedition Mission is a not-for-profit dedicated to raising money and awareness for charitable organisations. They do this by hosting hardcore expedition events and engaging key sponsors.

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